Eyelash Extensions Packaging

Eyelash Extensions Packaging

Eyelashes extension packaging is designed for packing the eyelashes extension. At present, we mainly provide two types of plastic boxes and cartons, including PET blister thickened boxes, black gold-plated boxes, ordinary injection molded boxes, acrylic pull-out boxes, and customized flip-top boxes. According to the brand definition, our company can design packaging boxes with corresponding styles for customers. Top-notch high-quality eyelashes with beautiful packaging enhance the brand value of the product.

at Lashcolors,  over 100 kinds of new designs every year. we pay utmost importance to custom design, over 100 kinds of new designs every year. Our eyelash extension packaging is the best design so that they can attract your customer’s focus and expand the value of your eyelash extension products. Our client’s satisfaction and delight are our mission and goal towards which we strive in unison.

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